After 17 Days

Babak Bahrambeygi • 37m

بعد از ۱۷ روز Directed by Babak Bahrambeygi • 2011 • Iran Zeynab is born into a family with a bad guardian and is abandoned on the streets without any care when she is five years old. After seeing her and realizing the difficult circumstances of her life, a middle-aged woman named Khadija decides to help her and take care of her health and well-being. After seventeen days, Khadija, who herself lives in a small house with her sick husband and has no suitable economic conditions, decides to hand Zeynab over to her family and relatives, but her insistence and the deep relationship that has formed between them cause her to change her mind. Zeynab has been living peacefully with her new family for about ten years and has big dreams and goals for the future.