The Cancelled Concert

Bahman Farmanara • 72m

کنسرتی که اجرا نشد Directed by Bahman Farmanara • 2010 • Iran All the respected critics of Traditional Iranian Music, agree on one point and that is the fact that we will never see the like of PARVIZ YAHAGHI (SADIGHI PARSI) in the field of playing violin and composing. The fact that PARVIZ YAHAGHI was never allowed to give a concert after the revolution, was more due to the hypocrisy of those in charge of art and culture of our country than political. Parviz had never held an official position neither before nor after the revolution. Perhaps the real reason was that he never stooped to lying about his beliefs, just to be allowed to perform. He guarded his independence too much. This film only tries to show a glimpse oh this great artist. Parviz, like many other great artists of my country, was not allowed to do what he loved the most: Composing and playing the violin. These artists during the last 31 years have died alone, but proudly held their heads high for not compromising their ideals.