7 Veils

Sepideh Farsi • 79m

هفت پرده Directed by Sepideh Farsi • 2017 • Afghanistan/France Little is known about Afghanistan, apart from a few clichés, the word Taliban, and a war which seems never to have stopped since the Soviet Union and the turning point reached in 2001. With this film, Sepideh Farsi took up again the documentary format she had started with, and using only one camera, she embraced the beautiful task of reaching the very heart of the country. Meeting people along the way, she engaged in conversations with them, in a gentle and empathic fashion. Always paying close attention to these people’s words and presences, to their bodies and environments, Sepideh Farsi painted in successive slight touches a whole gallery of portraits, all haunted by traces of History and filled with longings. Scrap after scrap, this uncritical, delicate and subjective patchwork aims at lifting the seven veils - from the legend told as an epigraph to the film - that cover the country.