Residents of One Way Street

Mehdi Bagheri • 55m

اهالی خیابان یکطرفه Directed by Mehdi Bagheri • 2015 • Iran Residents of One Way Street is a documentary about the lives and memories of six residents of one street in Tehran: The current ‘Si-ye Tir’ or the former ‘Qavam-o-Saltaneh’ Street, located in District 12 of Tehran. This street is situated between City Park in the south and Jomhoori Avenue in the north. The street was originally named ‘Qavam-o-Saltaneh’ because the residence of Qavam os-Saltaneh, a prominent politician of the Qajar and Pahlavi eras, was located on it. After the Revolution in 1979, the street was re-named as Si-ye Tir (30th of Tir) to commemorate those who got martyred on that day in 1952 and who were killed during the time Qavam-o-Saltaneh was the Prime Minister. The street is one of the oldest in Tehran and in the past, people of different religions lived on it. Places of worship belonging to different religions and sects (Armenian Christians and other Christians, Jews, Muslims and Zoroastrians) can be found on this street. Now all that remains from the residents of the street are memories and photo albums.